Benefit from a new source of food supply

Take advantage of our logistic process to receive unsold food from our partners free of charge.

Safe Food Advocacy Europe & Happy Hours Market

Since December 2021, “Safe Food Advocacy Europe (SAFE)” and Happy Hours Market have teamed up to support a larger number of charities.

This partnership aims to:
1) increase the number of food deliveries to those charities and to grow the number of beneficiaries;
2) ensure that we meet their specific requests, by offering them a customized service.

Funded until 2021 by the European Commission’s LIFE programme, SAFE launched in September 2018 the “One Man’s Waste is Another Man’s Treasure” project. Its goal is to collect food surplus from Brussels shops and deliver it to charity associations who help the people in need.

To achieve these missions, Happy Hours Market has opted to make available its refrigerated vehicles to deliver on a daily basis and free of charge the SAFE network’s member associations.

What do our current partners think?

SAFE in brief

SAFE is a non-profit organization (NGO), based in Brussels, whose main objective is to ensure that the health and concerns of consumers are taken into account in the European Union’s food legislation.

Furthermore, SAFE raises public awareness on food security issues, including campaigns and education programmes that enable citizens to make informed decisions about the food they eat.

Our Charter for the non-profit sector

Happy Hours Market is committed to the non-profit sector and has developed a charter.

This Charter is aimed at non-profit associations, foundations and charitable associations that promote the values of equality, solidarity and freedom, with a view to sustainable and social development.

This charter is based on the essential values championed by Happy Hours Market. It recognises and encourages the determination of charitable associations to support the full achievement of the principles of solidarity, equality and voluntary public initiatives.

The aim of this charter is therefore to strengthen the already strong relations between the non-profit sector and Happy Hours Market. This charter defines the basic principles of our activity, defines our commitment and reinforces the permanent dialogue with the non-profit sector.

For the non-profit associations (ASBL), the foundations and actual associations, we are committed to:

  • Establish a strong link between the large-scale retailers (stores, wholesalers, artisans, etc.) and the charitable associations.
  • Ensure that the cold chain is maintained between collection and distribution.
  • Never sell more than half, on average, of what we collect.
  • Ensure that the associations’ needs are heard and that the products offered and delivered daily are adapted to their needs.
  • Ensure the traceability of products, as well as the highest transparency on what is sold and what is donated.
  • Strengthen the dialogue with the associations.
  • Set up a system of weekly and/or monthly reports on what is delivered to the associations.