The shortest route between large retailers and associations

Take advantage of our structure in order to receive free deliveries of unsold food products from our partners

Happy Hours Market supports charitable associations

Our goal

Happy Hours Market is a complementary activity to charitable associations, public social welfare centres (CPAS) and other citizen initiatives that work to fight against social exclusion. Our mission is to fight food waste and to give everyone access to healthy food and a variety of food. We are normally the last link in the chain, as we collect all unsold products at the end of the day.

How does this work?

Every day, we deliver healthy food products free of charge to various charities. We discard any products that do not meet consumer standards. We use refrigerated trucks and we work according to the sanitary rules in force. We have also established a charter: it guarantees the associations that we work with a certain quantity of products delivered daily as well as ensuring their good quality. Each month we produce a detailed report and a summary of the products collected and delivered to the associations.

What do our current partners think?

Our Charter for the non-profit sector

Happy Hours Market is committed to the non-profit sector and has developed a charter.

This Charter is aimed at non-profit associations, foundations and charitable associations that promote the values of equality, solidarity and freedom, with a view to sustainable and social development.

This charter is based on the essential values championed by Happy Hours Market. It recognises and encourages the determination of charitable associations to support the full achievement of the principles of solidarity, equality and voluntary public initiatives.

The aim of this charter is therefore to strengthen the already strong relations between the non-profit sector and Happy Hours Market. This charter defines the basic principles of our activity, defines our commitment and reinforces the permanent dialogue with the non-profit sector.

For the non-profit associations (ASBL), the foundations and actual associations, we are committed to:

  • Establish a strong link between the large-scale retailers (stores, wholesalers, artisans, etc.) and the charitable associations.
  • Ensure that the cold chain is maintained between collection and distribution.
  • Never sell more than half, on average, of what we collect.
  • Ensure that the associations’ needs are heard and that the products offered and delivered daily are adapted to their needs.
  • Ensure the traceability of products, as well as the highest transparency on what is sold and what is donated.
  • Strengthen the dialogue with the associations.
  • Set up a system of weekly and/or monthly reports on what is delivered to the associations.