Together, let’s end food waste

A simple and efficient solution to end food waste in your shops.

Your unsold food products will make you money.

You reduce your waste management costs by 50%. Fighting food waste becomes very simple.

You support charitable associations.

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Application mobile Happy Hours Market

A financial reward for your unsold food products

Maximise your revenue

Happy Hours Market takes care of selling your unsold food products through a mobile app, after your shops have closed, thus maximising your revenue.

Full collection of your unsold food products

Simplify your operating processes

Happy Hours Market collects all your unsold food products every day, thus reducing the number of waste bins in your shops and halving the costs associated with them.

A centralised system to donate to associations

Help your local area’s associations

Happy Hours Market handles the relations with charitable associations and the supplies to them. These associations then receive daily deliveries, free of charge, of the unsold food products provided by your company.