Did you know that 85% of unsold food is thrown in the waste bin?

Our purpose

We redistribute instead of throwing away...

In Europe every year, over 90 million tonnes of edible food goes to waste. Belgium has a population of 11 million, but it’s a very poor example here, throwing away 10,000 tonnes of food every day. However, Belgium’s non-profit sector only receives 1% of these huge quantities.

As a result...

In response to this situation, Happy Hours Market came into being in 2019.
Out small trucks criss-cross the streets where we operate to collect unsold food. They then distribute this food to associations that help the most disadvantaged. In between the collection and distribution, some of the collected food products are offered for sale at discounted prices. So anyone can get involved in fighting food waste and in saving money.

Our vision

Ensuring universal access to a healthy and varied diet is one of the major challenges facing our society today. In addition, the overproduction of food is continually exhausting our planet’s resources, while a third of the world’s food production is thrown away. We want to fix this imbalance.

Our mission

To end food waste and reduce the cost of food.

Our values


to reduce food waste


to do your grocery shopping at half price


to help those who need it

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And do your shopping at half price to fight food waste